As a child, my interest for digital media began when I was first introduced to animating. With the slightest twitches of the mouse, I could control the emotions of my audience at my fingertips. Soon, I learned that my passion laid in storytelling and understanding my audience in order to deliver content that serves them best – the need to add value to the lives of others.

While the tech industry has experienced ineffable growth over the part couple of decades, the orthodox mindset that addresses other industries – such as healthcare, research and real estate – boggle them down to remain inefficient, inaccessible, expensive, cumbersome and to some, frightening.

Through my journey in college, I developed mastery over a camera, including filmography and photography. I immersed myself in research and healthcare, which showed me how large of a space technology has in such fields. As my first introduction to entrepreneurship, I interned at a Seed Stage medical hardware devices startup and simultaneously became directly involved in the prototyping of devices. After much exploration of my own interests and strengths, I became aware

I learned that businesses, when run well, have the potential to touch many lives, provide jobs, create value, and remain sustainable by adapting to the changing needs of their users.

Now in my final year at NYU, wrapping up my Integrated Digital Media degree with a minor in Biomolecular Sciences, I have come a far way from the little boy furiously clicking away at his Macromedia Flash application in an attempt to make his sprites fly across the screen in front of flashy effects. I am continuing to learn about different forms of modern technology, both hardware and software, and wish to pursue my media outlets through which I can contribute to those around me 🙂

“My hero … it’s me in 10 years … So you see every day, every week, every month and every year of my life, my hero is always 10 years away … And that’s just fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing.”

– Matthew McConaughey Oscar Speech 2014